Recycling Plant

Recycling Plant

Our State-of-the-art Recycling Plant facility
is fully setup & maintained as per the
PCB Guidelines & ISO Norms.

Recycling Plant Facility includes :

* High Quality Control Panel by ABB to manage 65 HP LT power capacity to run the plant and machinery.

* Industrial grade UPS to prevent any damage to the machinery from unexpected voltage fluctuations..

* 150 KVA Electric Generator for uninterrupted power supply to complete our targets on time.

* The UPS above is supported by an industrial level Stabilizer with progressive technology to control fluctuations.

* We are equipped with every class of fire extinguisher (‘A’ for paper, wood, cloth, etc. ‘B’ for Petrol, Oil, Chemicals, etc. ‘C’ for cooking gas, welding gas, etc. and ‘E’ for electrical fire.) for any emergencies.

* We maintain a tight security in our premises through a 24*7 security supervisory team. Also, we have secured the area through CCTV surveillance which offers round-the-clock monitoring.

* We also have an advanced fire alarm system for early warnings in case of a fire through smoke detectors. It can also be activated manually using manual call points or pull stations.

* Our recycling plants also have several emergency exits for disasters such as a fire. It allows for faster evacuation, and also provides an alternative route if the main exit is blocked by fire.

* We also provide training to all employees regarding fire safety, use of fire aid, and importance of wearing safety equipments. Also, a safety drill is conducted every 3 months to ensure that all the employees are prepared in case of any emergencies.

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