HDD Shredding ensures that the

confidential data is kept 100% safe

HDD Shredding

Many companies conduct Hard disk drive shredding for many reasons. It could be for sanitization purposes or on account of security issues. This is one of a sensitive activity carried out in a very secured way as it contains confidential data.

Confidential hard drive information has become a tool for identity theft, corporate surveillance and a threat to corporate security. When companies and organizations update their machines, they often destroy the hard drives, use software to delete the files, and send it to recyclers for further processing.


Shredding Process

The Used hard drives contain all sorts of Confidential data where this data may lead the Customers to get into the risk if its not handled and shredded properly.

There are various methods of destroying the existing data and protecting this sensitive data on Hard disk computers. This process ranges from using the predefined softwares for Hard disk shredding to physical destruction. The Customers have to finalize the most effective and secure way of getting rid of sensitive data based on their needs.


Secure Disposal of HDD

Prakruthi recycling’s Hard disk drive destruction, data recovery services will ensure that the Confidential data is destroyed properly and securely prior to being tossed in a trashcan. Our panel of experts will execute this process as per the industry-standards, high-quality programs to safely destroy your data without any interruption in the process. 

Shredding the old hard drives is also the most environment friendly method of data destruction. Once the Hard disk is shredded, they are sent to the recycling section, where ferrous and non-ferrous metals are removed before copper-rich materials, printed circuit boards and plastics are taken away to be recycled.


Assisting with the
Data Shredding services

We help various Businesses & Individuals with the shredding of Confidential data to ensure that they are safely destroyed Professionally.

HDD Shredders

A Hard drive shredder is a mechanical tool that physically removes old hard drives in such a way as not to retrieve the data they hold. These are powerful shredders that demolish exhausting drives past recognition. They depart behind solely remnants and particles of the exhausting disk.

Nonetheless, these machines are often not restricted to exhausting disks. They’ll additionally shred CDs/DVDs, magnetic tape, USB drives, and different media that will include delicate info. Industrial machines can really shred 1000 to 2000 gadgets an hour, making bulk shredding a breeze.


Facts of HDD Shredders

Hard disk shredders shred unimportant information stored on hard drives to make room for important data that will be stored elsewhere. But these machines are not limited just to hard drives. They can also shred DVDs/CDs, with sensitive content, Magnetic tapes, Flash drives, and even other sensitive information.

The purpose of shredding is to make room for important information such as passwords, credit card numbers, bank account information, medical records, tax documents, or other sensitive information. After it has been shredded, the information is no longer available to others. 


Check out our Offsite Shredding Process


Requirements Detailing

Once we receive the request from the Customer, we will try to detail out the requirements from the customers in all the possible ways. Based on the discussion held with the Customers, the Shredding schedule will be informed to the Customers.



Our panel of experts will collect the equipment and data. We will transport all the Offsite shredding data and materials to the secured vehicle.


Shredding Process at our Plant area

We conduct the Shredding Process as per the planned approach in our Plant area. We will carefully handle and operate the same.


Certification & audit report

We will issue the certification of destruction after all the waste has been disposed of, ensuring you comply with all the relevant data protection regulations.

Check out our Regular Shredding Process

We provide Regular scheduled shredding collection service for destroying the confidential data.We offer both Offsite and Onsite regular shredding services where we invest time to establish the best and most cost effective confidential shredding solution that works for the Customers.

We suggest the businesses undergo Regular shredding process periodically as it’s crucial to deal with this on a regular basis to ensure that the businesses are complying with the Data protection laws. 

We do offer various options on the service regularity which depends on the complexity and volume of the shredding materials.


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Check out our Onsite Shredding Process


Customer visit
& Detailing

Once we receive the request for Onsite shredding, we will collect all the preliminary data from the Customer and visit their premises before scheduling for the Shredding process. We will try to detail out the requirements from the customers in all the possible ways to avoid last minute surprises.


Equipments & Data Collection

Analysing the customer discussion report, Our panel of experts will visit the Customer premises and collect the equipment to be sent for the Shredding process. We can shred on-site using our fleet of mobile data destruction trucks. Or we can take your confidential data away to one of our secure depots for shredding.



We conduct the Shredding Process as per the planned approach and all our staff are fully trained to deal with your sensitive and confidential data where we uphold exceptional customer service standards. 


Certification & Audit report

After the successful completion of the Shredding Process,  We will issue the certification of destruction after all the waste has been disposed of, ensuring you comply with all the relevant data protection regulations.

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