Data Wiping

Secure Data wiping for HDD, SSD & other IT Assets

Data Wiping

The process of overwriting the Data existing in the Storage media. All the Personal & Confidential data will be wiped from the Storage devices and the detailed certification will be issued to the Customer based on the Compliance processes execution.

We can help the Customers to destroy the data by ensuring that all the Sensitive & Confidential data are securely wiped from any Storage media type.

Process led by Industry Experts

This process will be performed by Industry Experts and most of the cases will be data Overwriting. The Process has to be followed in a stringent way when the data to be destroyed is highly sensitive.

The Certification of Data wiping will be produced for every process with the detailing of the Data erased records, which consists of the precise audit report of all the Data controllers ensuring that the best standards and practices are Implemented during the execution.

Data Wiping Verification

It’s very important to verify the Data wiping process as it includes the protection of data while disposing of the end of life assets. We are expertised in Data Protection & recovery from pre-defined Storage media. We thoroughly scan all the Storage media by examining the various components which makes the Data as inaccessible.


The Customers can verify the Data wiping process by attempting to recover the erased data. We provide top notch services for all the types of Customers with a detailed reporting of Data wiping & Sanitization process.

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Benefits of Data Wiping Verification:

* Stringent measures are taken for Data wiping process.

* Implementation of Safe, Secure and Sustainable Guidelines.

* Erasure Verification & Certification as per the Compliances.

* Ensuring Total Data Security during the Process.

* Disposal of end of life assets as per the predefined practices & standards.

Why Use Data Wiping Verification:

Data wiping should be a priority for any organisation that needs to
dispose of its unwanted IT hardware assets.

Ensuring the validation of Process

We ensure that the followed Data Destruction methods and processes are successful in disposal of all the traces of data by thorough verification and validation processes.

Best Analysis by the Industry experts

The Customers will be satisfied that the Data wiping process is carried out by the Industry experts so that the Data recovery has been checked for any surplus data as per the Compliances.

Ideal Risk Mitigations

We ensure that the Customer Data Privacy regulations are maintained and protected as a high priority and verify the data has been removed effectively as per the defined standards.

Check-out our Process

Device Preparation

The Devices will be prepared by writing the specified data patterns prior to executing the Sanitization process. We check that the patterns have been run in a proper way.


The Sanitization has to be performed to erase the complete data in the Storage media. This Process can be run by the Prakruthi Recycling Experts or the Customers.


We perform a detailed study & analysis for any surplus data existence in the Storage media including the predefined set data patterns in a meticulous manner for the thorough verification.


The final audit reports will be generated by outlining the phase wise results of the analysis which will be handed over to the Customers and the Authorised Organizations.

We provide wide range of Onsite & Offsite services for Secure Data wiping as per the Customer needs

Data Wiping – Offsite services

The Data wiping process will be performed in our In-house Plant setup.

Once we receive the Data media from the Customers, we initiate our Data wiping process by following the leading Industrial tools and practices ensuring that the data is removed completely in the given data storage media.

We provide the Data wiping certificate for your Data records once after the successful completion of the Process and the Data disposal of the media will be performed in an Eco-friendly manner.

Data Wiping – Onsite services

The Data wiping process will be performed in the Customer

If the Data is too sensitive or highly Confidential to share with the media, we can visit the Customer Location and perform the Data wiping process in their Premises by ensuring that the data shared is maintained as highly Confidential.

We can dispose of the Data Media and will provide the erasure report for successful completion of Audit and meeting the compliance standards

HDD Wiping

Wiping a hard disk means removing all the existing data from a hard drive and making it useless, thus removing any chance of recovering the data from a hard drive. The more the data is removed, the harder it is to recreate the same information on a different hard drive. As such, it is important that you choose a service that can effectively erase the data on a computer and ensure that it is absolutely impossible to recover.

We are determined to erase your hard drive to make sure that you get the best results, We request to go through our wiping and data destruction methods to ensure that they are able to wipe the entire hard drive, making it impossible to re-create or recover any information from it.

HDD Wiping – Kill Disk

Powerful and portable software that allows you to destroy all data on Hard Disks, Solid State Disks (SSD) & USB disks and Memory Cards, excluding any possibility of deleted files and folders data recovery.

Active@ KillDisk is a disk sanitation and partition eraser utility, supporting U.S. DoD 5220.22-M and more than 20 international data sanitizing standards.

Erasure: BitRaser securely erases sensitive data beyond the scope of recovery from SSDs & HDDs across PC, Mac (including M1,M2 & T2 machines) & Server.

Reporting: Digitally-signed erasure report, detailed reports enabled by enhanced hardware detection, Extensive erasure information, including HDD details for seamless audit procedure.

Blancco Drive Eraser

Compatibility: Erase data securely from PCs, laptops, Servers and storage environments based on x86 and x86-64 architectures.

ERASURE : • BIOS & UEFI machines including Intel-based Macs • IDE/ATA, SATA, SCSI, SAS, USB, Fibre Channel, FireWire hard disk drives of any size/block size • SATA and SAS solid state drives of any size/block-size • eMMC drives of any size/block size• NVMe drives of any size/block-size.

REPORT : Digitally-signed Certificate of Erasure , Detailed reports enabled by enhanced hardware detection Extensive erasure information, including HDD details for seamless audit procedures Reports are tamper-proof reporting.

Safe & Secured Process

Wiping will completely remove the data. Rather than completely destroying it. This means that once a program is wiped, it is gone forever. Even though the data is gone, the hard drive may still be vulnerable to a number of attacks such as spyware, viruses, and Trojans.

Hard drive wiping is an important part of protecting your files. If you are looking to keep them safe and secure, You are at the right company who provides the best service in terms of protection and guarantees.

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