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ITAD refers to the gradual process of disposing of obsolete equipment through environmentally responsible and safe practices. In today’s technologically advanced world, electronic devices are constantly being updated and enhanced.

It is important for each and every organization to have its own IT equipment disposal. There are many firms who provide different kinds of tools, which will help organizations manage their IT investments. These tools are very useful and they are known as IT asset disposals.

ITAD Process

The process is best achieved by a trained professional in the IT Asset Disposition industry. There are various components involved in the process including data management and recycling and re manufacturing. It is important that an IT asset disposal company has a thorough understanding of the industry in order to properly handle each of the above. In addition to this, they should also have a strong understanding of environmental laws as well.

The process of ITAD begins with an asset inventory. During this process, IT asset disposal companies will gather data from the company’s business operations and determine the current status of its inventory.

Secure Disposal & Recycling of IT Assets

We securely collect, transport and process you redundant IT assets for Safe Disposal & Recycling.

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How ITAD can benefit the Business

ITAD is one of the effective means to cut down on the emission and energy consumption of the IT industry and also to reduce the costs of its operation.

The IT asset recycling process is actually the way through which the valuable and the non-valuable items can be recycled properly in order to lessen the damage that is caused to the environment. The main aim of the program is to get all the valuable but unwanted IT assets such as printers, computers, fax machines, copiers and other items that have the potential to cause damage or pollution. It is then important to take care of these unwanted assets in such a manner that it does not cause any harm to the environment in the long run.

Integrated IT Asset Disposition

Prakruthi Recycling is the fully integrated Recycling, IT Asset Disposition service provider in India. We help in safeguarding the Organisations by providing the secure ITAD services. We support Organizations to process both data-bearing and non-data bearing assets ensuring the process of data destruction and reducing the environmental impact.

We can identify, sanitize, test, refurbish and resell each IT devices as we are focused on maximizing the value of not only intact, tested, and working devices but, also skilled at gathering the useful parts that are also re-marketed.

Process of ITAD


The IT recycler will dispose of the assets in a way that it is able to minimize the amount of harm that it causes to the environment. This includes taking care of the recycling materials that are considered to be of high risk, ensuring that no chemicals or toxins are used in the disposal process, ensuring that no hazardous wastes are left behind, and ensuring that the materials are in the best condition possible.


Ensuring that the assets are in the best condition possible and therefore are not considered to be harmful to the environment. This includes checking the material for any damages such as cracking, wearing away or any other damages that could affect the performance of the equipment. This is done to ensure that the computer equipment is able to continue to operate well in the future.


The equipment is then sold to the buyers, either through the retail market or the online market. This is done to generate profits for the company, at a much higher rate than it would have been possible if the equipment had not been disposed of in this manner.


Ensuring that the business is able to dispose of all the unwanted and valuable resources and assets that are no longer required by the company. This involves storing all the equipment and materials in a secure place so that they do not cause any further damage to the environment in the future.

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