EPR Certification

Channelizing the generated E-waste as
per the Compliances

EPR Certification

EPR stands for Extended Producer’s Responsibility. EPR Certificate is mandatory for Indian Manufacturer / Importer of product for E-waste management.

EPR Authorization is given by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) under MoEFCC, Government of India. With EPR India authorization, the manufacturer / importer of electronic and electrical products has been given the responsibility to control E-waste by the products after expiry of their lifetime.


EPR is a registration through which the Government has given an extended responsibility to the producer to channelize the E-waste generated into the markets. Producers are liable to collect back electronics through buy-back schemes, collection programs and collection centers. Proper channelization is important so that E-waste doesn’t end up into wrong hands and harm the environment.

Producers have to take the responsibility for proper channelization and have to get it recycled from an authorized recycler. General public should also be addressed for proper disposal of E-waste.

EPR & Take back Scheme

Extended producer responsibility is an environmental protection strategy to reach an environmental objective of a decreased total environmental impact from a product, by making the manufacturer of the product responsible for the entire life cycle of the product and especially for the take back, recycling and final disposal of the product.

Mandate for E-waste recycling companies

EPR authorization is mandatory and must be obtained by all the producers including importers, e-retailers / online sellers for electrical and electronic equipment’s covered in E-waste.

A producer can implement its EPR by setting collection centers or through take back system or both for moving or shifting E-waste / end of life products to authorized dismantler’s or recycler’s.

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