Contributing to the Societal Goals
by Supporting & Volunteering

Charity begins at Home

Likewise, our Go Green motto is implemented right from our Prakruthi Recycling workplace, situated on an eco-friendly environment, surrounded by rich flora and fauna, embracing natural light! The snapshots are better proof of our pollution-free environment. Get into the green scene. In the corner of our eco-friendly paradise, on the treetop, we found another small paradise of a mother bird that has made all set-ups to raise their next generation. Henceforth, we became inseparable friends keeping track of the development of the eggs, and one fine day, we started hearing the chirping of the baby birds……a deep satisfaction recording the acts of the cute little ones… Here is the Glimpse of the loving & caring moment hence supporting of living in an Urban Green Environment!

Chirpy Gossips with Chorus Melodies

Their chirpy gossips and chorus melodies overpower our melancholy and rekindle our parched souls. These tiny friends adorn the sky above, softly sailing and unfettered, boogie on branches, and turn their heads.

Their life is so natural…..Every moment of theirs deserves a salutation from us bipeds standing below. What better environment could we have found to set up our organization!

Our Eco friendly members

Well… reading and learning about birds seem like a depressing story these days. Our warming planet is the reason for the fading of several bird species. However, it turned fortunate enough for us to find an environment with admirable biodiversity. Watching Mynas scooting around ponds, the pecking sound of Woodpeckers has become a part of our everyday working life.

Our Recycling Plant’s attention seekers

Their routine activities, drinking and celebrating in community baths, celebrate our souls too. Still unaware whether they are the attention seekers or their liveliness has the magnetic power to capture our mind and soul. Oh… whatever that could be, observing them has grown a profound awareness for their environmental services; Making us realize that they too have an important role to perform in our ecosystem.

Nurturing them is one of the Profound aspect for us.

The environmentally friendly surrounding is a haven for songbirds, flying mammals, and hunting fowls too. We eagerly look forward to encountering the new avifauna every day. The day begins with their melodious alarms and retires with their screeches, alerting everyone that the sun is all about to drown, promising a new dawn.

Eco-friendly Galleria

Aural Smiles & Statements of Joy

Their aural smiles and statements of joy lift our spirits high. The manor roof attains life as the laughter of our winged friends occupies the space. Our post-lunch hours become entertaining as they hop up on the branches, all set to commence the opera, besides exhibiting their dancing ability. There is truly something about their songs that influence our heart, creating a steady rhythm.

Rhythm of Birds Orchestra

Cultivating connections with these chattering Parakeets, cawing Ravens, singing Cuckoos, chirping Sparrows, and crooning Bulbuls have become our new intent! Not to forget those adorable Squirrels synchronizing to the rhythm of the birds’ orchestra. Our heart ponders to tune into their melody because their songs are the buzzer for our sluggish souls while nurturing them is one of the profound aspects of our nature management.

Observing birds’ behaviour is one of the most enjoyable aspects of birdwatching.

Each species has its own quirks when it comes to floating, gossiping, and feeding, and it’s absolutely refreshing to see a bird engage in these natural behaviours. These cute feathery tots have a life of their own. We feel we are considerably richer with their presence! Grant us the darkness, the birds have announced! Let us unwind on that farm, dreaming with each shifting of a leaf till the sun signals the beginning of a new day. We can wake up and keep our dreams alive till the stars appear again. A new day and a new life….yet Again!!!

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