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* Birds are an integral part of our ecosystem. They play a major role in the lives of people, whether as natural friends.

* Nothing can be more entertaining than watching the birds playing with each other. Be it playing around together in or outside the house / Office, the bond shared by these creatures is a treat for our eyes to watch.

* The highlight of our Recycling Plant that offers is panoramic vistas of the Plant life and teeming birdlife below. Naturally, Our guests can also expect soothing bird songs and ample opportunities for birdwatching. These are the sources of pure enjoyment for us to see their playing in the natural habitat.

Birds Presence in our Recycling Plant Location - Night View

* Asian Green Bee Eater is an insectivorous bird native to Asia. It has a bright green plumage, and is sometimes referred to as the “Green Bee-eater”. 

* The Asian green bee-eater is a widespread resident breeder across much of South Asia and Southeast Asia. 

* The Asian green bee-eater usually builds its nest in a tree hole or rock crevice, laying 2-4 eggs. It feeds mainly on insects, which are caught in flight by sallying out from an open perch.

* The Asian Green bee eater can be found in open scrubland or grassland habitats with scattered trees or bushes. They are usually seen in pairs or small groups of up to six birds.

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